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Why You Need a Debt Consultant – Debt Doesn’t Have to Be Devastating


There are few words as panic-inducing as debt and yet, in the modern world, amid a global pandemic, many of us find ourselves in such a precarious position. Debt can come about for a number of different reasons and fixing it can oftentimes feel impossible. If you are struggling with debt and are sick and tired of financial stress and the slew of personal issues it brings, then it might be time to consult the experts at FreeMi and chat with one of our highly skilled debt consultants. Debt, when in the right hands, does not have to be devastating.

“So, why should I pay a debt consultant? Isn’t that kind of counterintuitive?” you might ask. At a glance, paying someone to get you out of debt might seem counterproductive, however on closer inspection choosing a qualified consultant is one of the smartest choices you can make if you want to regain financial autonomy. These professionals will negotiate with credit providers and create a concrete plan to get your money matters back on track. Ideally, they might be able to organise lower interest rates and tailor a more effective and manageable payback plan that suits your budget and subsequent expenses. Ultimately, debt consultants work with you and aim to improve your financial life. As an added bonus, their service also strives to teach you accountability and foster healthier financial habits. Benefits include:

  • One payment, rather than multiple: When you consult a FreeMi consultant and undergo counselling, they will organise a system whereby you pay one amount each month. This saves energy and time and creates a clear record of the payback.
  • Your basic expenses will be considered: The consultant will take note of your monthly expenses (rent, medical, groceries, childcare, and the likes) and will ensure that you can pay for these basics before paying back what is owed.
  • Alleviates stress and anxiety: Choosing this service will immediately eradicate any finance-induced panic. When you work with a consultant, angry calls from creditors will stop and you will be able to sleep easy again. Added to this is the fact that action cannot be taken against you when you are in debt counselling.
  • Re-establishes your relationship with finances: Ultimately this service aims to improve your relationship with money, develop healthy budgeting skills, and achieve financial autonomy. In turn, this offers you ultimate freedom.

Chat With the Experts at FreeMi Today!

If you are ready to take charge of your life and are in need of a helping hand with a well-established financial counselling service, it is time to chat with us. We’ve helped thousands of clients to break free from the shackles of debt and live life on their own terms again. We are passionate about financial health and believe it is possible for everyone no matter how grim the situation might seem. Our qualified team of accountants, consultants, and lawyers are always on hand to help. Let us help you today!

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