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You Can Partner with a Debt Counsellor Right Now, Wherever You Are


Most of us have some form of debt to our name, whether it’s a credit card, store accounts, a personal or home loan, vehicle finance, or whatever the case might be. This is typically a normal part of any individual’s financial landscape. It’s often a healthy support, enabling us to buy a house, or to afford larger expenses when the cash flow isn’t necessarily there. However, when this dependence on credit spirals out of control, we might end up in a situation where we need the help of a professional debt counsellor.

The involvement of a debt counsellor is usually reserved for situations where the level of credit has become unaffordable for the individual, and a recovery plan needs to be created and implemented to help the individual regain control of their budget and break free from the shackles of over-indebtedness.

What is a debt counsellor?

South Africa’s National Credit Act of 2007 is aimed at protecting those with credit against unfair credit extensions and to provide solutions for those who need to repay credit, but who do not have the means to do so. In accordance with this act, a person can qualify for debt counselling if they are legally considered over indebted. In such an instance, a counsellor that is registered with the National Credit Regulator can help the person to restructure their debt. The counsellor can potentially also negotiate with the relevant creditors to secure more preferential interest rates on existing credit to help the person pay off their debt. The restructuring and repayment plan needs to be approved by a court to take effect.

The problem is that a debt counsellor is not always readily accessible to everyone everywhere. Not everyone is comfortable visiting these counsellors in person to discuss their financial situation. There is, however, an easier solution.


Whether you need to simply free up some extra cash, are tired of having too much debt, or need financial intervention, FreeMi can help you to achieve your goal.

We’ll analyse your income and credit level to assist you in becoming financially free sooner, and for cheaper. The analyses of your information is essential for better planning and budgeting. Armed with these insights, you have the power to mare more informed decisions and take back control of your finances.

All you need to start your journey to financial freedom is a smartphone and an Internet connection

Whether you need a qualified accountant, registered debt counsellor, or lawyers to guide you, we have the entire team of experts available for you. The best part? You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home! That’s right, you simply download the FreeMi app and provide the necessary information. You don’t have to visit our offices, and enjoy complete anonymity when using the app to explore your options. The FreeMi app is available for both Android and iOS systems. So, what are you waiting for? Download the FreeMi app right away and take the first step to securing your financial freedom.