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Use Our Free Calculator Tool to Help You Become Debt-free 


Debt is a stressful yet all too common phenomenon that can cause a great deal of physical and emotional turmoil. In these precarious economic times, more and more people find themselves in this position, often feeling completely alone. This is why the experts at FreeMi have come up with an easy solution: Our free debt calculator tool.


When you use this calculator tool, you can quickly figure out a repayment plan and make sure that it works with your existing budget. Simply fill in details such as the amount you need, the deposit, the length of the loan, and the interest rate, and we’ll work out the loan term, annual percentage rate (APR), monthly repayments, and interest. This is a quick and effective way to plot potential loans and work out if they’ll work within your budget parameters. When you plan ahead, the prospect of owing money becomes less likely, and you’ll step into the future with greater confidence about your finances. In turn, this can relieve future stress and the fear of creditors taking legal action against you.


Access the free debt calculator tool here, and browse our other tools, including the budgeting tool or quote request. If you need some extra support, chat with us about our various debt relief interventions. We will analyse your finances and create a bespoke plan that takes into account your monthly earnings, direct debits, policies and payments, and various other financial factors. Everyone has a unique financial situation and our team will create a tailor-made plan that suits your particular needs, taking into account your necessary expenses.

Chat to the Experts at FreeMi and Use Our Calculator Tool


Here at FreeMi, we believe that everyone can achieve financial health with the proper support. Our qualified team of registered financial counsellors, accountants and lawyers will work with you to analyse your finances and find workable solutions that last. The aim of the financial intervention is that you’ll be able to re-establish a healthier relationship with money and navigate financial issues better in the future.


If you are interested in exploring the process or accessing our financial tools, get in touch with us today. Give us a call on 012 880 3880 or send an email to info@freemi.co.za. We’ll gladly advise you on the best options and help you to get out of debt fast. Debt might be devastating, but it doesn’t have to last fore