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Financial Freedom Is Possible with FreeMi’s Debt Counsellors


As the global pandemic takes its toll on the economy and personal finances, money troubles become an all-too-common phenomenon for many of us. Countless people have lost incomes or have been forced to tighten their purse strings as job security diminishes. Subsequently, debt is on the rise and many people are struggling to pay back loans or meet their monthly financial obligations. This economic turmoil is why so many people are trying to transform their financial health and opting to work with a professional debt counsellor. When you work with professionals, you ensure optimal financial health and get your money matters back on track.

Debt counsellors or advisors are qualified professionals with a wealth of experience in all things related to debt. They offer clients sound advice and guidance regarding money owed and form a critical part of the payback process. Thanks to their financial knowledge and industry experience, they can often negotiate better deals for their clients and support them in creating an action plan to pay off loans, mortgages, or rent. Added to this, when you opt to work with a qualified advisor, you also learn how to manage your money better going forward. These newfound skills ensure better financial success for your future and ultimately enable you to live a better life on your terms.

When you have true financial freedom, you can realise your greatest dreams and goals. Ultimately, debt counsellors have a few jobs, including:

  • Offering impartial monetary advice and consultation about sensitive financial issues.
  • Researching your particular monetary matters and creating a payback plan that suits your budget and living expenses.
  • Speaking with various creditors on your behalf and negotiating a feasible payback solution for all parties. Oftentimes, they will be able to get better rates than were you to do it alone.
  • Attending various meetings or court appearances on your behalf if needed.
  • Helping you to get your financial health on track by offering expert advice and money-saving tools going forward.

Chat with Our Expert Counsellors Today

If you are struggling with debt and do not know where to begin, it is time to chat with the experts at FreeMi. Our team of highly skilled debt counsellors, financial experts and lawyers will review your financial situation with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality and propose a plan to restore your financial health. By analysing your unique financial situation, income, and debt, we will create a tailor-made solution for your particular situation. This will ultimately enable you to pay off your debts faster and in the long run, will save you money and time. Added to this, we can work with clients who want to remain anonymous. Simply send us the required information on our contact page and one of our team members will be in touch.

Financial freedom is a click away when you work with an expert debt counsellor at FreeMi. It’s time to free yourself from the shackles of financial woes and once again live the life you deserve.