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The Benefits of Debt Consulting


There is no denying the damaging effects of debt at both a personal and professional level. Owing money can cause a great deal of stress, and sometimes when you are in the thick of it, it can feel as though you are caught in a never-ending web of anxiety and distress. Add to this the global pandemic, where many have lost jobs and financial security, the impact can be devastating. Sometimes, however, it is worth paying a little in order to save so much more. If you are currently in the throes of debt and getting out of it feels impossible, it is time to invest in our debt consulting services at FreeMi.

What Exactly Is Debt Consulting?

In simple terms, debt counselling or consulting is a process whereby a financial professional will go through your debt and create an action plan to repay it in a manageable and effective way. These professionals take into account your various assets, expenses, and other critical details in order to advise you in the best possible way. Added to the action plan is concrete professional advice on how you can manager your finances better going forward so that you do not once again find yourself in the precarious position of owing money.

Some of the key benefits of this consulting service include:

  • Expert knowledge: Thanks to our highly skilled debt counsellors, accountants, and lawyers – all of whom are experienced in dealing with creditors and creating manageable payment plans – we are able to create a tailor-made solution for you which takes into account your current quality of life and various expenses.
  • Protecting assets where possible: A professional consultant can utilise their knowledge in an attempt to protect valuable assets. As such, you have a better chance of avoiding sequestration or a garnishee order which could see part of your salary being deducted each month.
  • Psychological relief: Debt causes great psychological distress and has shown to have a number of detrimental emotional and physical ramifications. When a secure payback plan is created, you can rest assured knowing that you’re on the path to financial freedom.
  • Financial freedom: The ultimate goal of this service is to offer clients financial freedom. By creating a plan that works, consulting services offer valuable insights as to how you can better manage your money. The ultimate goal is to turn your life around and move forward with debt being a thing of the past.

Contact FreeMi Today for Financial Freedom

Financial consulting services can relieve stress and get you back on your feet in no time. They enable you to make debt a thing of the past and enable you to move forward with your life. If you would like to explore our range of services, simply fill out our online form by clicking on “Contact Us”, and we will gladly get back to you. Our services can be offered with anonymity in mind, and we will advise you on what details we require to create the best possible financial solution for your needs.