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What we do

Freemi helps you manage your financial health effortlessly in one place. We help you understand your finances better to make smarter choices. We have qualified accountants, Registered Debt Counsellors and Lawyers to guide you.

How we help you

You can help yourself, by navigating through our web or app and provide us with the necessary info. We in turn analyse your info and provide you with a proposed solution.

You do not have to call us or physically visit our offices. You get help from the comfort of your home with complete anonymity.


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How we do it

We analyse your Income and Debt and assist you in getting debt-free sooner and cheaper. Analysing information is essential to better planning and budgeting. Being debt-free is a choice.

Regulated Rates

Debt Review Fees

Application Fee R50.00
Administration Fee R300.00
Reckless Lending Assessment Fee R1500.00
Restructuring Fee Max R8000.00 for a single application and R9000.00 for Joint Application (Married in COP)
After Care Fee 5% of Restructuring Fee – Not exceeding R450.00

Why FreeMi?


Freemi has professionally qualified staff to attend to all your financial needs. From qualified acocuntants, Attourneys, Debt Counsellors and ADR/Mediation agents.

Multiple Solutions

FreeMi understands that the needs of all individuals are unique, therefore we don’t provide a single solution for all client’s situations. We have an array of solutions from self-help tools to, Instant quoting tools and access to qualified debt consultants via all communication platforms.

Discreet and quick

FreeMi allows clients to interact with us discreetly, quickly, and effortlessly via our platforms. Our debt consultants are multilingual and can assist in all 11 Official languages.